fifty superheroes: number 9

The fifty sketchbook superheroes return with a traditional flying heroine, the awesome Flying Wing.  Her costume is a classic Golden Age “girl’s” costume, with a modest chainmail bodice, little skirt, leotard under costume and oversized gauntlets and boots.  As a flyer, she wears a modified pilot’s helmet and goggles.  The Flying Wing was unable to choose between ear wings or a central steering crest so she boldly went with both. Of course, the Flying Wing is a very brave person if her gadget based flight system really is a flying wing backpack with dual jet engines!

The lively, rough style of this sketch (with all its whiteout and brush marker corrections) is my standard way of dealing with a big complicated technical idea I don’t really plan to pursue further.  If the Flying Wing was somebody I planned to include in a story I probably would have worked harder on the design of her Wing even in this first scribble. But as it stands, an impression of her costume is all that’s needed– the drawing is mostly of her character: passionate, impulsive, and serious about her work as a lady good guy of the air.

I am not sure whether she is real Golden Age character from Kekionga’s comics past, a time traveler, or a just a hipster chick with a retro style sensibility, but I thought any of them would enjoy having their drawing put through some vintage filters on Pixlr.

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