a minicomic for a holiday weekend / dire corgi in a mirror

Our neighborhood had its collective garage sale extravaganza today, and that got me thinking about the minicomic I made a while ago about a garage sale in Kekionga.  So let’s celebrate the holiday long weekend with the reading of a comic!

As an experiment, I’ll be posting this comic on the official Pam Bliss Facebook Page.  Find it here.   This is a public page: you do not have to be a member of Facebook to read (and, I hope, enjoy) it. If you are a member, I invite you to follow the Page– it has its own content as well as that it shares with the blog.

I plan to post two or three pages a day over the next few days, and a lot of likes and comments will undoubtably speed up the process.  After the posting is over the comic will be going up on the regular “read a comic” site here on WordPress if you would prefer to read it there.

(Above– bonus photograph of the Dire Corgi garage sale-ing.)

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