mary marvel meets a little monster

The proof of the lineart for a pinup of Iowa as a child wearing a Mary Marvel costume, with the camera newly renamed the Little Monster.  All of my cameras have names, mostly because camera companies refuse to name them, preferring the typical corporate alphanumerics that make it easy to market across lines of language and culture.  But when you have a Fuji X-T10, an X100T and an X-M1, it’s a lot easier to keep them straight if you think of them as Mischief and Tahki and, now, the Little Monster.

Usually, I will name some important possession very early in the process, often before I actually buy it, but this small monster has resisted naming for the better part of the year, rejecting numerous variations of Rocket (which I was convinced was the right direction).  But then this afternoon I set it down on the scanner on top of this proof, and thought fondly that it is such a little monster of a camera, and that’s it.  Might actually have been kid!Iowa who thought of it.

You’ll be seeing more of this image soon.

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One Response to mary marvel meets a little monster

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Ooh, color me intrigued! Well, black and white…

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