a correction. and a picture. and a link.

People throughout the multiverse have been reading my review of the newest Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Happily their number includes my friend B, who points out that the character Kraglin, played so well by Sean Gunn, did appear in the first film in the series, and so should not really be called a new character even though he has a much larger part in the new outing,  This is what I get for not rewatching the first one before I saw the second, but it’s all good because observant readers are there to point these things out. It takes a village to raise good pop culture criticism.

(Ed: I also just fixed a typo that R pointed out a few minutes ago.)

Now I am really looking forward to seeing the first Guardians again, because the second one has made me a Kraglin fan.  So here is a picture of him:

(And while I have you here, are you following the official Pam Bliss Facebook page?  It sometime has its own unique content, and you do not have to be a member of Facebook to read (and, I hope, enjoy) what goes on there.

Find it at https://www.facebook.com/kekiongacomics/)

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