sketchbook week: the sketchbook placemat drawing

Here on the blog it’s Sketchbook Week!   Movie Week seemed to go over well, so this week will be dedicated to images from my sketchbook.  Posts will include two more of the Fifty Superheroes from last year’s ongoing project, an album dedicated to a single Kekionga character, and maybe a readers’ choice entry if I get some good suggestions.

But let’s start with the ever popular crossover.  This image is a crossover between a sketchbook drawing and a placemat drawing.  It was drawn on page from my sketchbook, with one of my good fountain pens (the new Pilot 92, a bright orange demonstrator with a gold nib) but otherwise, it functions purely as a placemat drawing– starting with a single line with no corrections and of course no pencil underdrawing.    The first line was the lopsided circle enclosing the moon.  I added the figure on the right, intending it to be a wolf girl (to go with the moon), but her rounded ears made her an African Painted Dog instead. (Or a Cape Hunting Dog, if you prefer.)   I put the wolf on the left instead, made him a boy to go with the girl, and there you have it, a canine couple dating by the light of a benevolent although not quite circular moon.

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2 Responses to sketchbook week: the sketchbook placemat drawing

  1. I enjoyed your art and I see your interpretations that you mentioned.

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