fifty superheroes: number twelve

The twelfth* of the fifty superheroes is the mighty Man-O-Taur.  And I have mixed feelings about him.  Not about the drawing, which I quite like (doing the whole thing with the scritchy-scratchy pen is always a fun technique) nor about the character himself, who is handsome and well designed (but my own internal standards) but by the idea that a person/being of a non-baseline body type is automatically “different” enough to fit into the super-category.  Am I being morphist here?

So let’s assume that the  Man-O-Taur has a ton of other interesting powers beyond being just “a bull guy” who is big and strong.   Should he be a tech hero (it might be fun to design his armor) or a magic user?  Or even better, make him a psionic, with his powers all in his head and no visible manifestations at all, even a costume.  In that case he could be a real “Ferdinand the Bull”, who dislikes physical confrontation and prefers to sit back and smell the flowers until conflict is unavoidable, then stop the problem with a basically pacifistic use of psi.  Invisible brick wall, anyone? Instant, non damaging unconsciousness?

The Man-O-Taur is also a vegetarian and tries to restrict his carbon footprint.

(The word “twelfth” is extremely weird, with the way the “v” changes into an “f”.)

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