random image from my sketchbook

Plans.  What are these plans you speak of?  Ha.  Life snickers scornfully at your puny plans.  But since it’s sketchbook week, here is a random image from my sketchbooks.  I mean that– I pulled the book of the shelf and opened it at random, and was reminded that on the 13th of April, 2014, I bought a big black marker. Looks like it was the kind with two tips, a broad one I used for the basic lines and a fine one I used for the face and the details.  Just for the fun of it, I left this image in full color instead of converting it to pure black and white, so you can see the layering and the varying levels of solvent in the marker as the pressure changes.  There is nothing like the drawing experience you get with a high quality marker that’s perfectly fresh, but it never lasts long.

One of the basic uses of the sketchbook is to experiment with new tools and (attempt to) learn to control them.  This character probably represents the essentially wild nature of drawing tools– the marker is barely under control here, and it will never entirely be tamed.

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