fifty superheroes: number thirteen

Erik Walks-on-Air is, of course, a flying hero.  In fact, he’s what I think of as a pure flying hero– he doesn’t use technology or magic, and he doesn’t have “flight” as just one item on a list of mighty powers.  Erik is a guy who can fly, and he is set up for it, small, light and lean, and he has some kind of eye adaptation that allows him to skip the goggles.

His costume is based on World War I era “dazzle” camouflage, which uses randomly assigned large areas of geometric patterns of light and dark (stripes, blocks, chevrons, diamonds) to break up the silhouettes of large objects.  This makes them less visible from long distances, especially to observers using low fidelity observation gear.  Like, say, an early submarine periscope– the usual application of dazzle was on naval vessels and cargo ships traveling in convoys.  I’m pretty sure Erik doesn’t think his dazzle suit actually hides him, but it is somewhat confusing and it looks cool.  Especially since the pattern is always changing …

I will admit that Erik’s hero name sounds like a storybook “Indian name”– that’s more or less on purpose. He was originally designed to be Native American, but if that smacks of cultural appropriation to you, he could just as easily be from an created culture or subculture. Or maybe he’s the one doing the appropriating and is either creative and naive or a bit of a jerk.

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