fifty superheroes: number 14

Number fourteen of the fifty sketchbook superheroes is The Swordswoman.  It’s a simple name, but she’s a pretty direct young woman.  She has a powerful sword and she knows how to use it, and the old fashioned word “swordswoman” sounds both chivalrous and swashbuckling, so who needs anything fancier?

I’m pretty sure from her costume that The Swordswoman is a hero in training– that looks like the practice uniform of a superschool to me.  And while her shirt fits her nicely (obviously made in a women’s size), her trousers and boots look like boy’s gear, or a men’s small.  Maybe this school just recently went co-ed, and The Swordswoman is one of the first girls to swing a blade on the hallowed sands of its school of arms.   Her expression is ambiguous– is she apprehensive, or trying not to grin?  Regardless, none of the others are going to lay a finger on that sword.

As for the design of the sword itself, my only excuse is that I have been watching many, many episodes of that greatest of all reality competition television shows: Forged in Fire.

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