all kinds of mammoths

Regular readers of this blog know that Twilight Beasts (“exploring the magnificent world  of lost Pleistocene beasts”) is one of our favorite Other Blogs.  All Pleistoscene beasts, from dire wolves to Nebraska camels, are aces in my book, and many of them survive in Kekionga because I want to draw them and write stories about them.  Chief among these not-extinct inhabitants of the Indiana of the Mind are the woolly mammoths, who act as stalwart adult presences standing behind the weird actions in the foreground, and generally represent history and continuity.

Symbolic as they may be, and as much as they talk, I try to draw and write them as real mammoths, and I can count on sources like Twilight Beasts to help keep me honest.  Today’s Twilight Beasts post is particularly useful and interesting, offering an overall survey of mammoth history world wide, and a list of links to other TB posts on mammoth topics.   There’s a lot of good reading here for mammoth lovers!

Let’s illustrate this link with a page from a recent Kekionga story, because it has some good mammoths and also because of the”Not helping, Liam.” joke, which always cracks the author up. (Kekionga sasquatches are also Not Extinct, being the descendants of robust Austrolopithecines.  But a story for another day.)

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