fifty superheroes: fifteen and sixteen

The most obvious of sketchbook superhero duos: Pen and Brush.  They are meta almost by definition.  Maybe they are artists, calligraphers, or even cartoonists themselves.  Or maybe they are self aware drawings? Maybe my sketchbooks themselves are their “city”, the area that they patrol and protect. I kind of like that one. A sketchbook can be a pretty exciting place, and there are definitely times when an internal superhero or two could come in handy.

I also kind of like the fact that they are both drawn with both tools.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the names came along after the drawing was finished, and I am absolutely not sure which is which.  I also have no idea what their powers might be– except that since they are a big guy and a little guy I would want the little guy to have the big powers and the big guy be more subtle.  Or maybe they are more matched than they look– one working in white,the other in black, to correct all those “bad drawings”.

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