fifty superheroes: number seventeen

The Queen of the Night is a classic “night flyer”– a flying hero who can see in the dark, takes a bat or a night bird as a costume influence, and is just generally nocturnal.  What I like best about the Queen is the contrast between their name and their heroic style.

Normally you’d expect a character called The Queen of the Night to be highly feminine, with a conventional “female style” costume that, whether it’s an elaborate operatic confection with stars and moons all over it or a simple black skintight, leaves no doubt as to her gender.  Instead, this Queen of the Night has cultivated an androgynous style, with a plain (though batlike) cape over simple jeans and gloves (plus an equally simple shirt or jacket, not shown), with their only costume-y details being a stylized set of goggles and a charming little steering tail that is *probably* attached to the cape.

I think the Queen is a woman, but I’m certainly not sure, so I’m not burdening them with my gender assumptions.  Let the Queen of the Night fly on, an anonymous dark spirit on the midnight wind.

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