fifty superheroes: number eighteen

Great power comes in small packages– watch out for Micro-Kaiju!  He’s a giant monster in a compact form factor: if you trip over him, you may never get up.

His design is a tribute to that classic low budget movie monster costume, made out of the furry body of a gorilla suit and a high tech head that resembles a cardboard box/tinfoil robot or a fishbowl space helmet. The idea that he is super small just kind of came to me after I saw his compact proportions.  I’m not a hundred percent sure how big he actually is, but he’s smaller than even the smallest adult human– perhaps a foot or two tall, the size of a large toy.  Maybe he hides in plain sight in his human companion’s toy collection– or on the counter at the comic book store.

For extra fun I imagine he’s as strong as a regular sized kaiju, though probably not as heavy.  And yes, the physics of Micro-Kaiju is hand-wavy physics, so maybe his story has a fantasy element.  But isn’t that true of all classic tales of giant monsters?

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2 Responses to fifty superheroes: number eighteen

  1. I love Micro-Kaiju. I can definitely see him not being happy with his size but I bet he can pack a punch if you don’t watch out!

  2. castilloi says:

    I like the outline of the drawing. Cute

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