animal week: concluding animal roundup

Round ’em up: all the cool miscellaneous animals that just happened to be especially photogenic the other weekend.  Nothing serious concerning the philosophy of animal characters in narrative here, just some pictures I took at the zoo.

Here are two zebras, one clean and tidy, one dirty from rolling in the dirt.  (A photograph of a zebra rolling in the dirt would be particularly interesting, but of course the chosen wallow was behind some trees. ) Regardless of cleanliness, the zebra is always a model of elegant design.

A bontebok pronking.  A bontebok is a kind of antelope from southern Africa, cousin of the blesbok,  and pronking is the act of leaping into the air with the back arched and the legs straight, commonly associated with antelopes, but also seen in sheep and goats.  This bontebok was coming down from one pronk and setting up for another when the shutter went off.

A dark coated wallaroo resting.  The wallaroo is the medium sized Australian macropod, partway between the larger kangaroo and the smaller wallaby in size.  This guy was quite striking because of his dark coloration– the sandy tan compatriot he is leaning on is the typical color for the species.  He may look soft and fuzzy and quite mellow, but those claws are nothing to mess with.  Regardless, he was an elegant subject and a challenge to expose correctly.

I hope you enjoyed the extended version of Animal Week. Tomorrow we will return to the more usual topics.



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