great titles from an unusual source

Need to lighten your day?  Maybe with the possibility of being enlightened as well?  Are you interested in the whole complex (and frustrating) creative issue of titling?  Have you ever agonized over a title for something you’ve created?  Or wondered why some other creator (or their editor) chose the title they did?  Do you keep a notebook or digital document full of potential titles?

If you do, you will find some candidates for addition in the very funny link and list below.  I am offering a small prize for the first readers to guess, here or on Facebook, which of the many titles offered made it into my notebook.  (There are two or them.)

(And yes, I would normally put the offer after the link, but I have a feeling once you go there you won’t be coming back quickly.)

If I were you, I’d set down my beverage.  This is spit take funny.  Highly recommended.

View at

View at

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