best of the drawing of the day: bedtime story

One of the things that happens during a long holiday weekend is the production of dense, highly detailed drawings of the day.  Long days with weird schedules, not just for the artist, but for other people in the household, means regular work gets disrupted and creative energy ends up getting spilled in odd places.  Add this to the crazy idea I had on the last day of August to do a theme month during September (probably with the vague plan that it will be good practice for Inktober) … well, a holiday weekend during Furniture Month* can give you Bedtime Story.  Giant grapes, a huge bed, find-the-character (a bird!), a family of werewolves, and four different inking media (brush pen, TWSBI Eco stub, TWSBI Eco extra fine scritchy-scratchy pen, plus whiteout) combine to make a drawing of the day that I think stays safely on the good side of being a muddy mess.  But just barely.

But the most interesting thing about it this drawing is the character on the right.  This is pretty clearly a drawing of a werewolf family at bedtime.  The little girl is a werewolf in her human form (you can tell by her eyebrows) reading a story to a parent or older sibling who has gotten comfortable on the bed in a mostly wolf form.  And what an interesting form it is: I’m pretty sure that’s 90% wolf/10% human, a stage in the transformation I have never drawn before.  It’s recognizable mostly in facial details– the shorter muzzle and more-centered eyes.  I wonder if this second character is reading along (or looking at the pictures), which is probably more difficult when one is fully a wolf.

(This form is the reciprocal of Professor Lykander’s usual form, which is 90% human/10% wolf.)

*Furniture Month is a month where I try to get over the bad habit of making every drawing of the day a simple figure drawing by incorporating a piece of furniture into every drawing and making the character or characters interact with it.

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