three important objects

I post a lot of photography here, and I thought at least some of you might be interested in seeing three of my motley collection of (mostly secondhand) cameras.  I recently bought some neoprene “Hood Hats” from Op/Tech to replace fiddly traditional lens caps on three of my most used lenses.  My original plan for these photographs was to use them to illustrate reviews of these excellent accessories, but I was not entirely pleased by the exposures. So I ended up processing them in a more artsy way then I generally do and making a blog post out of them.

From left to right:

  • The Little Monster (Fuji X-M1 /27mm f/2.8), wearing a Hood Hat PK Micro and a lanyard I made out of blaze orange and black houndstooth paracord.
  • Mischief (Fuji X-T10), with the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 on board, wearing a Hood Hat Micro in Mossy Oak camo and a limited edition blaze orange DSPTCH Standard Sling strap.
  • Kilo (Pentax K-5iis) with the Pentax DA* 55mm f/1.4 mounted, wearing a Hood Hat Small and a DSPTCH Heavy Sling strap in olive drab.  (Not shown, my elbow brace, which is normally attached to the strap so I can find it.)

And yes, the cameras have names.  That’s mostly because the manufacturers insist on calling them by long, semi-meaningless strings of alphanumerics and they are actually easier to talk about and keep track of if you just name them. If you go to my Instagram (@kekiongacomics), you can search hashtags under each of their names to find pictures taken with each camera.

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