art references for a large insect

Yesterday, I posted some photographs of three of my cameras. (This is the photographic equivalent of the movie musical where the characters decide to put on a show).  Today I was planning to show you some art references for comics taken with these cameras.  But then I let the dogs out before supper yesterday evening and saw this magnificent katydid innocently washing its feet on top of the cement Easter Island head sculpture beside the back door …

There was nothing to do about it but to swap the portrait lens for the macro lens on the Pentax as quickly as I could and photographically harass this large insect until it got annoyed enough with me snapping the shutter at it that it flew away.  It was actually a very good model, lasting for almost a hundred shots in a variety of poses before its patience was exhausted.  Its texture was notably leafy.

These photographs aren’t just good references for a bug character, whether realistic or cartoony, but with a little imagination they might be useful for an alien, or even a giant monster.  Look at those buggy little yellow eyes.  This character could be scary if he was big enough, but he will always be a little goofy.

(for photo nerds only: Pentax K-5iis “Kilo”+ Pentax DFA 100mm f/2.8 WR macro.  Image 1: 1/200 at f/9, 0 EV, ISO 2000.  Image 2: 1/125 at f/11, -.7 EV, ISO 1600.)



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