50 superheroes: number 21

Clark Luxor is a weird dude.  His name is easy: Luxor is Egyptian-y, and his hornrim glasses remind even the most casual comics fan of Clark Kent.  But otherwise, what kind of person, and what kind of super is he?  My guess is the key is the headpiece or crown he’s wearing.  That’s a Gadget if I ever saw one, possibly a Magic Item or a Mystic Treasure.  Either way, it transforms geeky grad student Clark Lennox into Clark Luxor, the Swinging Sphinx.  He’s a scholarly wit and a bon vivant, the life of every academic conference, museum exhibition opening and antiquities auction.  And of course he can turn some pretty freaky powers on any malefactors he meets along the way, from art thieves to forgers. But it’s his work in the field, protecting historical sites from looters and the destructive forces of war and climate change, that make him significant on the wider stage.

Clark Luxor may seem a bit silly or over the top, with his floppy ears, mirrored sunglasses and flying carpet, but he’s actually one of the world’s most important specialized superheroes.  Posterity will owe a lot to the Swinging Sphinx.

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