sunset and fishbones

From Iowa’s Daybook:

“I was walking home from Corby at dusk with Gale, and we stopped at Sunset Point.  The weather has been weird lately and we have been getting these incredible colorful sunsets. Today there were these strange looking clouds as well, in stripes or lines.  I was really surprised when Gale told me one of her “cave girl” stories about them; she hardly ever talks about the past unless people ask her, and I don’t usually ask.

Gale: Those clouds we call Ribs of Mother Sturgeon.  Mother Sturgeon swim in sky.  She make rain, she make fog and sleet. The stars her eggs, many eggs laid in sky. Sometimes, sunset light shine through her, see her ribs.

And then she made a gesture that I guess was light shining through the ribs of a mighty sturgeon in the sky.  Beautiful, and a little spooky.

We met Suki –and her cameras– on the way home.  I hope she got some good pictures of Mother Sturgeon’s Ribs.  I don’t know what kind of clouds those were: I’ll have to look them up.  But they’ll never be stripes or lines to me again.  They’ll always look like fishbones.

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