best of the drawing of the day: a classic character and adding text to an image

classic character-cleaned up-plus text-final-blog OK.  This started out as an ordinary “best of the drawing of the day” post, with an image I chose from an earlier sketchbook while I was looking for something else.  I was going to scan the drawing, straighten it so the lettering was more or less level, clean up some personal notes to the left of the figure that included a spoiler, and insert it in a block of typeset text that was going to start with a transcription of the lettering.

I got as far as the cleaning up part, and for some reason I clicked on the text icon, the one that you use to add white text to an image to make a dopey internet meme, and typed the transcription right onto the page, using the ordinary keyboard manipulations I use to mess with text on a word processor.  And it just sort of works.  The font is Trebuchet Bold, Trebuchet being one of the four or so fonts I regularly use as pointed sticks.  It’s also Kekionga’s official sans serif text font.

Careful readers will note that I got so excited to be teaching myself  a simple image manipulation technique that is probably mastered by modern kids in about the fourth grade, that I made a bunch of errors in transcribing the first sentence.  By the time I noticed it I had already collapsed the layers, so I said the heck with it.  Consider it two ideas for a possible final version.  The idea of typing right into a drawing, however, is extremely sound.  More on this later.

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