inktober notebook

First of all, you can see all my Inktober drawings every day in actual October over on the Kekionga Facebook page at  This page is open to the public; you do not have to be a member of Facebook to read and enjoy.  (If you are, please like and follow to get its unique content dropped right into your feed.)

This week, the Inktober prompt for the 11th was “run”, and I drew a centaur (with a passenger) and a dog, all running.  inktober-17-11-run-cleanedup-blogIt was only later, when I was looking through last year’s Inktobers as I filed them into my new filing system, that I figured out where the idea came from.  Last year, Inktober 18th was a day to “Escape”:inktober-18-2016-blog

Apparently all drawing prompts I get involving running or speed automatically suggest a spotted centaur running away with both a passenger and an object of some kind.  And maybe a dog.

(PS: I borrowed the dog from this medieval illustration of the constellations of the Greater and Lesser Dogs.)running dogs-blog.jpg

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