on mysterious animals and horrible creatures

Today I am going to write about Mysterious Animals and Horrible Creatures, and illustrate what I write with some of my Inktober drawings.  Anyone who has seen even a few of my comics, cartoons or drawings, knows that one of my major subject headings is weird animals of various sizes, usually interacting with people or humanoid characters.  This has has been true for pretty much forever; I have always been fascinated by both real animals and all the beasts of fiction, from dragons to cryptids, and with stories of familiars and “psychic pets”.

In the sketchbooks in particularly, these beings can take any crazy form that emerges from the depths- -the great thing about drawing them is that nobody can say what they “should” look like or tell you you are drawing them “wrong”.  Mine usually have large glowy eyes and or lots of teeth,  but that might not be true of yours.

Mysterious Animals and Horrible Creatures can be very small and lurk peacefully in the fringes of the everyday.  These little beings are quite mysterious, and their level of horror is fairly low.  But they may cause a shiver in those who are so inclined.


They also often appear as shoulder pets or companions to humanlike people.  Is this being a mysterious animal or a horrible creature?  The fact that even the artist is unsure means it is definitely mysterious, and if that touches you with a hint of dread, it is probably at least slightly horrible as well.

While most Mysterious Animals/Horrible Creatures are vaguely mammalian, they sometimes take birdlike form as well.  The “bird guys” often tend toward the Horrible Creature side of the spectrum.

The king of my personal cryptozoology is of course, Josef, who is the self proclaimed main character of not just the entire Kekionga series, but of every single comic and drawing where he happens to appear.  While, he is normally a Mysterious Animal, he definitely has a Horrible Creature side, which he is showing here.  Gale, the Unfrozen Cave Woman, say: “Me give him name ‘little big teeth’. Me see him hunt deer. Now not be able to not see. Forever.”

The important thing to remember is that almost every Mysterious Animal/Horrible Creature is more or less a dog.  And vice versa.

To see more Mysterious Animals and Horrible Creatures click here.


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