iowa and the professor on the trail

(This is the drawing I made for the 22nd day of the Inktober Challenge, in reply to the prompt “Trail”.  Then I wrote this little fiction to go with it.)

Six things Iowa Ginsberg is thinking at this specific moment, and one thing she said out loud:

  • 1) I’m going to miss my Experimental Psych study group, I just know it.
  • 2) Yuck!  Why didn’t I wear my cute boots?  Why do I never remember to wear my cute boots?  Why don’t I keep my cute boots in my office at work?
  • 3) I’m following a transformed librarian through an endless basement carrying a lantern, fifteen books, and a paisley silk dressing gown.  How is this my life?
  • 4) I haven’t seen an outlet for more than a mile.  I hope we end up somewhere where I can charge my phone.
  • 5) What would Foursquare do in this situation?  I don’t know, but he would be wearing his cute boots while he did it.
  • 6) Sputnik!  He can smell a Sputnik?  I don’t think even a bloodhound could smell a Sputnik, much less a werewolf.  What does outer space even smell like?
  • +1) “You know, Professor, if you really didn’t want to go apple picking this afternoon, you could have said so before you transformed and given me two minutes to get ready. I barely had a chance to drop the bushel basket and pick up your bathrobe, and it would serve you right if I hadn’t bothered.  Honestly, I think you turn into a wolf just to avoid having a conversation.  Oh, don’t wag your tail at me!”
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