a photographer in kekionga: halloween

Iowa:  Suki Halloo is the best photographer I know.  If I had to guess, it’s because she always has a camera with her, and she takes an awful lot of pictures. (Practice is how you develop any kind of skill.) She calls a camera a “third eye”, which coming from her is kinda funny, but you have to know her to get the joke.  Lately, she’s been completely obsessed with Halloween and all the Halloween directions people have up around their houses and in their yards.


We’ve all grown up with things like this: seeing them for sale in every store and walking through the neighborhood seeing people putting them up and enjoying the effect.  It takes somebody looking at the phenomenon from outside (I don’t know where Suki comes from, but I would guess it’s very far away) to see how strange it really is.  Is it genuinely macabre, or just good fun in a dark way we don’t generally let ourselves get into?  I think Suki might be wondering about this too, or maybe she just likes skulls and spiderwebs and hands reaching out of the hosta beds …

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