handprint turkey 2017

Ten Things To Do After You Put the Turkey In the Oven on Thanksgiving Day:

1) Sharpen all the knives.  Not just the carving knives, but the little knives and the choppers as well.  You have the sharpening gear out anyway.  Why not?  Plus, extra points for remembering to do it before the turkey comes out of the oven.

And then while you’re remembering stuff, 2) remember that you haven’t made your annual handprint turkey for the blog.  Get out a plate and some plastic wrap and your quart bottle of cheap black india ink, and some printer paper and start splashing wet handprints all over everything.  Get one that’s really wet and blow some of the extra ink around for a wild effect.

3) Clean up the ink off the kitchen counter and your hands so it doesn’t end up in dinner later.  4) Take dog for walk while ink is drying.  5) Come back from walk and start watching back episodes of The Durrells on Corfu off the DVR and drawing in your sketchbook and forget about the handprint turkey.

6) Go back into kitchen to check turkey and notice dried up inky handprints on printer paper on top of canisters, charging station, toaster, etc.  Stack and put away, except for the one with the wild streaks all over it.

7) While turkey finishes cooking, turn wild streaky handprint into handprint turkey by using streaks to make feathers and wattles.  Add head in brushwork, and use streaks of  very fresh whiteout as the equivalent of streaks of ink to create the wing.  Equalize with stippling.

8) Decide to scan the handprint  turkey and write the blog post after dinner. 9) Real turkey, stuffing, wine, etc.  10) ZZZzzzzzz.

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