truth in advertising: pretty much the all time winner in the “found art” category

Who can resist a come-on like this?  Not just any Buick, mind you– but a red Buick.  But what possible product could be for sale behind this highly visible sticker?

If you still aren’t sure what this is, it’s a preassembled plastic background scene for an O scale model railroad, a kind of freestanding diorama meant to form part of a landscape for the train to chug past in a picturesque manner.  There are a huge variety of these components (small town general stores, barns, gas stations, circus big tops, little churches with tall steeples, Santa’s workshop) for people to collect and assemble into their own personalized, and comforting, miniature worlds.  If you don’t have a model railroad, you can arrange them on a mantelpiece or shelf.

So this must represent to the ideal small town or close-in suburban ranch house, with its attached garage, realistic shrubbery, dog, and “women figures”  washing a mid priced American sedan in the driveway under the lights in your own tiny plastic model American dream.

And yes, it really is a red Buick.  And of course, you can only find it at Menards.

Yark, yark.

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