antelopia– squares, and a quiz

A tour of the photo archives takes us once again through the fringes of Antelopia, my ongoing project where I photograph every antelope I can find.  Due to the fact that Northwest Indiana is not prime antelope habitat (not recently, anyway), this results in a lot of taxidermy “head shots”.  I found these Antelopia denizens, among many others, at Cabela’s.  I have tentatively identified them in my new antelope handbook, Bovids of the World: Antelopes, Gazelles, Cattle, Goats, Sheep and Relatives by Jose R. Castillo, which is apparently the cornerstone of any antelope-related library.

One of them is a giveaway: the familiar American Pronghorn.  The others are (I think), a Black Wildebeest, an East African Eland, and an Angolan Gemsbok.  Can you match the antelope with its (probable) identity?

Answers throughout the week on my Instagram, @kekiongacomics, and here next week!

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