in praise of the red velvet kitkat

Cue up “Love Cats” by the Cure, and join me in celebrating the return of the elusive and much anticipated Red Velvet flavored KitKats.  For some reason, these are a Valentine’s Day seasonal offering, available only in the miniature size.  Look for the pink and white bag with the not-too-excessively heteronormative cartoon romantic couple on it.  (I got mine at WalMart, but they should be available anywhere midpriced consumer grade bagged candy is sold.)

If you like KitKat bars, you can guess what these are like: sweet, crunchy inside smooth, the cocoa flavored wafers buried under a thick layer of “white chocolate” aggressively (artificially) flavored to taste like cream cheese frosting.  Hardly subtle, but so, so delicious.  If you like that kind of thing.

And hey, the kitties are pretty cute.


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