pen week part one: meatball mammoth and other stub pen drawings

The drawing of the day project is well into its tenth year, so let’s celebrate with a Pen Week, a week of drawings from the most recent drawing of the day sketchbook that feature automatic drawings, with no pencil underdrawing, made with particular pens.  Different nibs make different lines.  Let’s get a head start with a new favorite, the stub pen.  This particular nib is a 1.1 steel stub, on a TWSBI Eco fountain pen.  A very nice little nib.  Have a set of sketchbook characters dressed in the height of sketchbook fashion, and the famous Meatball Mammoth.

(Note that I have kept up my post Inktober promise to continue dating and intitialling my drawings every single day.  So well organized.  Also, the solid blacks in the first drawing were filled in with a brush.)

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