pen week part two– the scritchy scratchy pen

Pen Week returns after a brief delay. The scritchy scratchy pen is the collective term for a succession of fountain pens with extra fine (EF) steel nibs that do the most of the small linework around here.  Many people use a dip pen with a crowquill nib for this job, but I have always favored the self loaders. For many years my scritchy scratchy pen of choice was the Rotring Art Pen EF sketch, but recently I have been hanging around with the TWSBI Eco EF and liking it better.  The nib is similar, but quality control is more consistent (my Rotrings varied enough in size that I had to color code them to keep them straight) and of course, being piston filled with the whole body as a reservoir, they hold what seems like gallons of ink.  So both these drawings were made with the current TWSBI scritchy scratchy.   No underdrawing in either, though some whiteout entered the story at some point.  Never did settle on a title for the second one!


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