sphinx in the library (a multimedia extravaganza)

It’s a drawing of the day!  It’s a poem!  It’s a bit of fun– slightly Poe-ish, but more in the direction of Kekionga based doggerel than that of serious Gothicness.  I wonder what happens when  a sphinx librarian meets a werewolf librarian.  (They probably drink tea, complain about the budget, and trade “things I’ve found on the shelves behind the books” stories.)

In the Library Annex

  • The door opens onto spider webs.
  • The desk clerk wears a mask.
  • The catalog has ten thousand drawers.
  • The cards are made of glass.
  • And they lead your research journey
  • to the deepest, darkest stacks.
  • As you decode that Roman numeral,
  • There’s the vaguest smell of cat.
  • Something’s breathing high above you.
  • Lion’s tail starts to lash.
  • Your answers will be paid for
  • by the questions you are asked.
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