social media shark

A social media shark made his first appearance yesterday on my Instagram:

IKEA shark in its native habitat. #shark #sharks #toy #toys #stuffedanimal #yellow #bag #pillow #store #ikea #ikeashark #phonecamera #ipodtouch

And then he popped up, in a different pose, on my personal Facebook in a shout out to his place of origin.

“Things we bought at IKEA today: A whisk. A pillow. A plate of Swedish meatballs. A hot dog. A hat and coat rack. A piece of chocolate cake. And a shark. #ikeashark.”

And, finally, in serious black and white, he reflects on his present and future as a social media icon.  IKEA shark will return.


Monochrome IKEA shark reacts to finding out that #ikeashark is a real hashtag on Instagram. The news leaves him pensive.

(That really is a real hashtag.  Search it to find a lot of IKEA sharks photographed in both domestic and adventurous settings.  While you’re on Instagram, please check out my account (@kekiongacomics ) for more of my photographs and odd little captions.)

(This photoshoot with the IKEA shark in the bedding department was the first semi-real project I’ve done with the camera on my new iPod Touch.  The color images were taken with the stock camera app, the black and white one with Lenka.)

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