cover pencils

The first of what I what I hope will be (and which darn well better be) a series of posts in the work-in-progress division of “around the studio”.

First up are the pencils for the new cover for the reprint of Happy Buddha Bud. This is a key story in the Kekionga canon and one of my favorites. Those of you who remember the original print run will recall that that edition had a pretty spectacular( if I say so myself) five color, four screen Print Gocco silk screen cover  and that’s probably why it has never been reprinted until now, almost 11 years later.

This new cover uses the same basic elements, and adds an endpaper in a Chinese restaurant style bats and clouds design.

(I’ve never been happy with scans of pencils, so I’ve been experimenting with photographing them still taped to the drawing board in the studio.)

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