work in progress -should the grass be green?

Appropriately for March, I have gotten a wild March hare of an idea to make one of those convention banners that roll up into a handy little case that doubles as its own stand.  Everybody else has one, right?  So here are a few glimpses at the only design that I decided didn’t look too stupid.  It’s based, very roughly, on the old Bremen Town Musicians design where the characters are stacked up vertically, combined with the Iowa Sitting in a Big Red Chair with a Coelacanth drawing idea that has been hanging around for years.

From the top, Bud (as the Man in the Moon), Josef, Iowa, the Professor in his Moondog form, the Small Feather Bat, and some Kekionga Spirit Rocks.  The color scheme is planned to accompany and eventual second banner with the Kekionga title and featuring Jack/Foursquare, a mammoth and a selection of the other characters.  But I’m already second guessing it– should the grass be green?  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Special thanks to JKC who pointed out that of course the little dog chop should be on the left so the dog is looking into the drawing and not on the right so he is looking at whoever is sitting at the next table.

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2 Responses to work in progress -should the grass be green?

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Clever lad, that JKC.

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