best of the drawing of the day: black winter coat

Ah, the hideous persistence of the Winter Coat.  When I made this drawing more than a month ago, I was pretty sure I was looking at the last weeks, maybe even the last days, of my own Winter Coat for this season.  I was, as always, vaguely pleased to see it again in late November, but by the first of March I was, also as always, heartily sick of it and ready to shove it to the back of the coat rack once again.

But here it is, the second week of April, and I know that if I drag myself and the Dire Corgi out for a very much needed walk this afternoon I will have to approach the cold grey world from within the Winter Coat.

The person in this drawing looks like they are sick of their Winter Coat already, and my guess that it is much earlier in the season wherever they are than it was for me when I drew it.  Even having two cool shoulder dragons with knobbly horns isn’t enough to cheer them up.   (Or is it one cool shoulder dragon with two heads with knobbly horns? The drawing is, like so many of these drawings, ambiguous.)

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