“happy buddha bud”, the new cover

The new cover for Happy Buddha Bud is finished, and the reprints are printed and even partway folded.  This is one of the most important stories in the Kekionga canon*, and one of my all time favorites.  I’m very excited to have it available again soon.  (In May I will be giving the blog a huge overhaul, including, finally, the long promised revised price list.)

See the pencils for all these drawings in an earlier post here.

The “Chinese restaurant good luck placemat bat” image above is the endpaper on the inside of the front and back covers.

This is the front cover/ Special thanks to everyone here and on my Facebook page who helped me decide on how to apply the toning, especially for everyone who reassured me that simpler is better.

And of course, the back cover features Josef in a Chinese food carton.  Josef is the main character in any comic (or blog post) in which he appears.  One of my favorite things about the entire cover is the upside down lettering on the flap. If you look at the pencil version (see link above), you will note that I managed to straighten the final in PaintShop Pro.  Using the selection tool.  Upside down.  (I know any fourth grader can do this today but I feel like a digital genius.)

*Because Happy Buddha Bud is the only story where I am going to tackle the Big Question about Bud directly.  I have promised myself that.

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1 Response to “happy buddha bud”, the new cover

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    This is one of my favorites of your work! Happy to hear it’ll be available once more!

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