convention banner!

At last,  my convention banner is finished and ready to go.  Here is the final product set up in the kitchen as a test of the mechanism.  (Sorry it was a bit dark.)  My first impression is it is huge!  I have never seen one of my drawings blown up quite so large– the original art, seen below, was about 4 1/4 x 10 inches (brush and fountain pen over pencil) and it was enlarged 800% to create the 33 x 80 inch banner.  Representing for the rest of the cast are, from the top, Bud (as the Man in the Moon), Josef, Iowa, Ol’ Fourlegs the Kekionga coelacanth,  Professor Gideon Lykander, the werewolf librarian, in his wolf form that he calls the Mightly Moondog, the Small Feather Bat, and some Spirit Rocks.  The SFB isn’t so small here– I think he’s about three times actual size.

The original drawing shows how much work and learning went into finishing the design– cleaning up and fixing all the linework, adding the text, the chop and the fireflies, deciding on the colors and changing my mind about them about a thousand times, finding out the rocks were too big and figuring out how to make them smaller, and of course struggling with moving between the RGB color space of the computer screen and the CMYK color space of the printer.  I don’t think I entirely succeeded at learning all these lessons, but with considerable handholding from the good people at and help from my husband the resident IT guy, I think the result is pretty credible for a first attempt.

Look for me at future cons under the sign of Bud as the Man in the Moon, starting at SPACE in Columbus at the end of the month.

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1 Response to convention banner!

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    It’s a beauty! Hope you have fun at SPACE!

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