gale, with eraser crumbs

If you don’t hear much for me this week, it’s because I wrote an entirely new 8 page minicomic early last Thursday morning, and I hope to be folding and stapling it this Thursday for SPACE this weekend.  It’s about Gale, the Unfrozen Cave (Girl )Woman, and in it, she has a dream.  Yes, the first of the “Dream of” series in a long, long time– and the first classic 8 pager to emerge “all in a piece” in what seems even longer.  It stars Gale, of course, and here she is in her dream cave, complete with eraser crumbs.

This is the first time I’ve drawn her in a “real” historical costume rather than her “Unfrozen Cave Girl”* getup.  Now back to work on The Dream of Gale.

*Read Gale’s complete origin in a prose short story (with one illustration) right here.

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