best of the drawing of the day: lizbet, ron, and humberto

Three characters in search of a story.  I’m kind of distracted by the most major of major new projects (the initial training of our latest corgi, the Floofy One, aka The Martian) so it will take a while to get back to making more finished comics.  But the Drawing of the Day project goes on as always, so I’ll probably be falling back on the old standard of posting “sketchbook drawings and the stories behind them” for the next couple of weeks until the pup settles into a routine. (And then it will almost be time for the World Cup, but that’s a whole different topic.)

Lizbet, Ron and Humberto are clearly Very Important Sketches in Sketchbook World, since they have both a title and a banner.  For the record, Ron and Humberto are the two heads of a two headed being, but of course they insist on being treated as separate personalities for comedic purposes.  I am pretty sure they were initially supposed to be spiders, but they only have six eyes each instead of eight, so they are Something Else.  In more ways than one.  Lizbet is clearly a woman of great patience.  Her ears and nose are an attempt to create a chimera person based on a llama or other South American camel, perhaps a vicuna.

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