best of the drawing of the day– quikket

Quikket is exactly what his caption says he is, an insectoid speedster: “insectoid” being fancy writin’ for “bug guy”, and “speedster” being a comics meta term for any superhero whose main super power is super speed.  DC’s The Flash is the most famous speedster (and I think also the original) , but there are many others.  What speedsters tend to have in common are names that are more or less horrible puns, and helmets, usually with stabilizing fins or wings on them.  Quikket’s helmet has both wings and a fin, and his name is a really terrible pun, so you know he is an awesome speedster and very fast.

Speedsters drinking coffee is a personal trope– they are a jittery bunch, with brains that go as fast as their bodies, so it seems logical that they pound on the java pretty much all day.  If I had planned this drawing more carefully, I might have given ol’ Quikket four more venti dark roasts (handful of ice, no room), one for each set of claws.  I also might have given him antennae, but they could just as easily be hidden under his helmet.

I try to keep digital cleanups at a minimum when processing drawings of the day for posting here.  These are unplanned sketchbook drawings, after all and their great virtue (often their only virtue) is freshness.  But this one hasn’t had even the little bit of tidying I usually allow myself– it was penciled rather carefully, but inked super fast, with a big brush for Quikket’s night black chitinous shell and two sizes of fountain pen for the rest of the drawing.  I left all the little stray lines and overlaps alone; they somehow suggest a character who even at rest is constantly in motion.


  • I haven’t done a color version of Quikket yet, but I’m pretty sure his costume avoids the classic speedster red and gold or red and silver in favor of an insectlike bluish green and copper.  Pretty snazzy.
  • Quikket is currently competing with a human speedster, Silversonic, for a speaking part in an illustrated serial story you will be reading here later this summer (and probably into the fall).  I may have just had an idea for a way to write them both in.
  • As mentioned in the previous post, you will be seeing a lot of drawings of the day with accompanying notes here on the blog for at least the next couple of weeks.  We are training a new corgi (known as the Martian) here at World Headquarters, and the regular work schedule is has been temporarily modified to give this crucial project the highest priority it requires.
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