best of the drawing of the day: feathered dinosaur

I didn’t give this drawing a title in the sketchbook at the time that I made it, so now I feel perfectly free to give it an ambiguous, if not actually confusing, title as part of a blog post.  Because if you like dinosaurs, or paleoart, or scientific illustration, or the history of science, or all four, the phrase “feathered dinosaur” brings up all kinds ideas about active debates that cross over between the realms of art and science in a very interesting way.  Now you’re probably expecting T rexes and velociraptors vibrantly (and to an older person, incongruously) befeathered.  And not perhaps, this happy one eyed brontosaurus thing 

with a feather duster crest on his head, being ridden by a “girl who looks like a young Iowa wearing glasses”* reading a book barefoot, and carrying a parasol.  And the parasol is almost certainly pink.

I hope this contrast between title and content confuses/amuses and entertains you.

*a common character in sketchbook world.

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