happy zip code day to coggon, iowa!

I have been sitting on this one for a while, since a Saturday a few weeks ago when I ate a rather delicious breakfast in a little restaurant in Iowa (where I was conducting Important Domestic Business) and found this card on my table.  I decided immediately that my blog would post on Tuesday May 22nd in honor of Zip Code Day in Coggon, Iowa, since I won’t be able to be there in person.  You very seldom encounter a real “one and only”. I don’t think I ever even suspected there was a place in the world that had a completely unique name. (The Wikipedia says so, so it must be true.)

We got rather royally lost that day in Iowa, and while we never drove all the way into Coggon, we brushed its outskirts, and on a beautiful Saturday in spring the business of the countryside seemed to be ticking right along there.  And the business of the nation, in spite of everything else that’s happening, is ticking along too.  The one and only Coggon in the world has gotten its own zip code.  (And it’s a good sounding one, too.)

Happy day to everyone in Coggon, Iowa 52218.



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