best of the drawing of the day: wolf, sheep, etc.

The title of this drawing refers to the curly wolf character in the foreground, who definitely looks like a kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing.  And is almost certainly a werewolf as well, although that doesn’t come into the story.

But this one is really about the woman with the gloves and basket. I remember drawing this and thinking of her as a Queen (or Princess*) in Her Garden, which is normally a pretty wimpy subject involving single roses, tiny golden scissors and possibly a small pool of clear water in a birdbath looking fixture that acts as a magic mirror.

This woman is not that kind of lady.  She is clearly planting and harvesting the kind of first class Herbs and Ingredients that remind us that there’s nothing stopping a Queen (or Princess) from also being a Sorceress, Herbologist, Potions Mistress, or Witch.  She certainly has the space for it, and a deep budget for importing seeds and cuttings from Distant Lands.  And if the resulting plants are a little hard to handle, her leather gloves and apron (and confident expression) show that she is perfectly able to show them whose Garden this is. I’m pretty sure she has a huge knife with a serrated back in her concealed hand, if not a pair of mithril steel lopping shears.  And the magic pool is a small pond with weeds and dragonflies and weeping willows all around it, and probably a kraken.

*Not a teenage Princess in a poofy ball gown, toying with a golden ball– a grownup Princess who is the King’s aunt or sister and doesn’t have to take any guff from anybody.

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2 Responses to best of the drawing of the day: wolf, sheep, etc.

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Mithril lopping shears. BRAVO!

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