the insect identification multimedia extravaganza

  • Little insect splashed with paint,
  • Is you a moth or is you ain’t?
  • Brown and orange wings with a big white spot,
  • Are you a butterfly or are you not?
  • Butterfly antennae have clubs and bobbles.
  • Moths have quiet wings, softly mottled.
  • Butterflies rest with their bright wings together;
  • Moths have antennae that branch and feather.

  • Antennae like a butterfly, but not quite …
  • Furry body like a moth, but what’s with the white?
  • The Internet answers in a clip like a clipper:
  • Between butterflies and moths there’s a bug called a “skipper”.
  • (A Silver Spotted Skipper, that is.)
  • The ‘Net says you like flowers in all colors but yellow.
  • You’re the bug in the middle, and an interesting fellow.

Yes, the Phone Camera Butterfly Project has spawned a multimedia side project: insect identification poetry!  This all started because I was wondering if these photographs counted as Phone  Camera Butterflies since I wasn’t sure if the subject was a butterfly or a moth.  As is so often the case, the resulting quest for information yielded results much interesting than expected.

Also, it took me two days to write this poem.  The first two lines were written on the spot, as it were.

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