best of the drawing of the day color special: blue dragon and company

Just a little drawing of a Kid, a Dog, a Dragon and a … Bird?  Birdlike Creature?  These are all familiar sketchbook denizens who represent the power of the imagination (sort of) and most of them seem to be having a pretty good time.  Don’t be too quick to accuse the Dragon of deliberately scaring the Birdlike Creature– note that the BC has got a grip on the Dragon’s tail.  And grabbing a Dragon’s tail is an Act that sometimes has Consequences.  I was intending that the Dragon’s response be partially playful rather than purely predatory.

These color specials are occasional experiments in adding color to my ink on paper sketchbook drawings for the Drawing of the Day project.  In this one I added the purple and sky blue tones as fills, than changes the black to a darker blue violet as another fill.  This changes all of the interconnected blacks to the color, while leaving the isolated blacks alone.  I change a few of the latter individually, but leave most of them alone.  I like the way this punches up the faces of the characters and a few other random details, and gives the finished piece a little extra texture.

(For extra points, find the Blatantly Obvious Coloring Error!)


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