the day after the fourth of july

I actually had an image ready to post on the Fourth of July, and it never got posted for two very different sets of reasons.  One set involves two terrible storms, a badly timed batch of clean laundry left hanging on the line in the backyard, and, for bonus fun, air conditioning problems in 90+ degree heat  and matching humidity.  The other set, I think you know about.  That’s the set that makes even the mildest, most locally and historically based patriotic display seem vaguely suspicious this year.

But now it is the fifth of July, the sun is shining, the air conditioning tech has been and gone, leaving a comfortable house and a scary receipt, and this photograph seems more innocent.  It’s nothing more than the truth: you can walk down this one particular alley in Kekionga with a camera on a hot summer day, and see this one particular garage someone has painted red white and blue.

(Fuji X-Pro1 “The Monolith”/ Fujinon 35mm f/2  `1/6000 at f/2,  ISO 200. )

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