best of the drawing of the day: mister goyle

There he is, the Mysterious Mister Goyle, perched in one of his fifty or so “usual spots”, watching out for trouble.  My intention here was to draw an at least semi-serious pulp inspired character, either a superhero or a masked but unpowered man of mystery.  The baggy lower garment is supposed to be a camouflaged oversuit he can pull up over the sleeker high tech underlayer.  It makes him look more than a bit like stone or dark cement– actually less conspicuous at night than black would be.  The wings might indicate true flight if he’s a super, or be gliding technology or a set of mechanical limbs for battering or shielding if he’s an unpowered hero/operative/vigilante.  This version of Mister Goyle could fit neatly into any setting with enough urban density to support a gargoyle inspired character.

Of course, the way the drawing turned out, he looks more like Garfield Goyle, a more or less crazy person given to lurking around wearing a combination of pajamas and post Halloween leftovers from the Holiday City pop up store in one of the empty buildings of a failed mall.  If the security forces or the “real heroes” can catch him, I hope they will buy him a donut, give him a ride home and turn him over to his long suffering landlady or roommate.

Either version is fine with me, I guess.  Regardless, I like the combination of pose and facial expression here.

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