pajama shark: origins

It’s Shark Week on all media (for some reason that I have always found rather mysterious), and I have been indulging myself.  Not just in the company of my own personal IKEA shark, shown here in a digital “oil painting”, but in cool shark documentaries and comics and cartoons about friendly sharks.  There is just something so soothing about a quiet comic, sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes philosophical, with a main character who is a mild mannered shark.  I’m definitely going to write about these comics (which I admit to discovering on Pinterest while looking for art references), soon.

But reading them reminded me of two little drawings I did as drawings of the day earlier this year, and I’ve been working them up to develop an actual character design.  So please meet my own friendly shark character– Thresher the Pajama Shark.  He is a little humanoid thresher shark (with that enormous thresher shark tail) who wanders around in his pajamas and a hoodie.  So far he seems to drink a lot of coffee.  I’m not sure what I am going to do with him, but it’s definitely possible that he fits in to some of the more fantasy oriented segments of Kekionga.  Or maybe he will get a comic of his own. Maybe a web comic?  He would work well in color, but tones would be OK too. He should definitely be on a coffee mug.

One thing I have learned from this is that the creators of great friendly shark comics have mad drawing skills– friendly sharks are hard to draw!

Happy Shark Week, and PJ Peace-out with the Pajama Shark.

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