pajama shark week! (ghost rabbit)

I know Official Shark Week was a couple of weeks ago.  But as regular readers of this blog know, I was inspired during that epic Week of watching shark documentaries and reading shark comics to work up an accidental sketchbook denizen into my own friendly shark cartoon character.   Thresher is not just a Friendly Shark– he’s the Pajama Shark.  And I think I have enough drawings of him now to have my own Pajama Shark Week.

In this drawing, Thresher was supposed to be holding a small furry animal.  But that animal turned out looking a little strange.  There are two approaches to take when this happens.  You can “fix” the animal so it looks less strange, maybe even “cartoon real”.  Or you can double down and make it look even stranger.  So Thresher ended up sitting on his little log segment holding a Ghost Rabbit.  (Or a Ghost Bunny.  I am still not sure about that.)

I’m also not sure whether Thresher can pull up the hood of his hoodie and have his fin stick out.  But I think he can.

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